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The Best Proposal!

This proposal will forever be the BEST because my Sister/Best friend said YES to the man of her dreams!

Rhett and Michelle knew they were a great match almost immediately. Their relationship has been a fun whirlwind of meeting family, going on hikes, serving together at church, and being educated on the genius of Taylor Swift. These two love each other so much, and are so happy together. It is so obvious to everyone who knows them, and means so much to me as a (very protective) older sister. Rhett noticed Michelle at their home church in Bentonville, Arkansas. They were both serving in the children's ministry, and just so happened to be scheduled on all of the same Sundays. They got to know each other in this environment, and then their first date was with a group of friends to a local children's museum. I am so jealous of this and cannot wait to go check it out myself on the next available night!

The big moments of making the relationship official, saying I love you, and talking about marriage came naturally and easily for these two. The saying, "When you know, you know" seems to fit them so well. They are so confident that they have found the person to tackle life with!

Rhett got to spend Christmas with Michelle's family in Alabama. He fit right in and joined in all of the board games and traditions. Michelle cannot wait to take a trip to Rhett's family's home on Whidbey Island outside of Seattle! Both Rhett and Michelle are the second of four kids and are very close to their families.

Rhett is very open about how in love he is. When planning a proposal he talked about how excited he was to be with Michelle. His favorite thing about her is her servant heart and how she silently finds ways to care for those around her. Michelle is loyal and thoughtful and loves deeply.

Michelle loves Rhett's intentionality with their relationship, how much fun they have together, and how he makes her laugh. Rhett has also bonded with Michelle's Australian Shepherd Oakley and loves spending time with him. That is the real test of this relationship! Oakley is very protective and energetic, and Rhett won him over with ease.

Rhett, Michelle, and Oakley love to take hikes together, so when Rhett casually suggested that they take a hike over the weekend, they were all in! Rhett had asked me to be present to take pictures of the proposal which was a HUGE HONOR. He planned everything out and left markers so I would know where to stop on the trail to wait for them. I climbed a hill by the waterfall where they would stop and hid behind a tree. I had purposefully picked out clothes that would camouflage me so that I wouldn't ruin the surprise or spook Oakley.

The trio approached, and Rhett knew to start talking loudly to give me a clue that they were arriving to the location since I was out of view of the trail. I peeked to see Rhett helping Chelle down the ridge and Oakley diving quickly into the pool of water. The two watched their pup splashing while Rhett got the ring box out and prepared to ask the most important question.


Ok, so here's the deal.

I absolutely love taking pictures. I loooooovvvvee capturing moments and seeing people smiling and in love. Taking pictures of a proposal is maybe the highest honor that I can have as a photographer. Peeking in on a private moment and capturing the images so the couple can remember exactly how they felt on that day. This is a huge deal, and a lot of pressure to capture the moment and emotion.

THEN there is the personal emotion I felt of my FAVORITE SISTER being the one that was getting engaged! Wow. Nerves, excitement, joy....I am surprised I was able to hold the camera steady with my shaking hands!

Back to the story.


The actual moment of the proposal was soooo sweet! I could not hear the exact words, but I could see the love in their eyes (along with some tears in Chelle's) and know that whatever Rhett said was the most perfect and beautiful thing. Michelle said YES to forever with Rhett, and I'm pretty sure Oakley did too, as he came up to join the fun as Rhett was on one knee. The happy couple enjoyed a moment together, and Chelle put on her DREAM ring for the first time!! Right about that time is when Oakley spotted me hiding in the trees, and the gig was up. I came down to congratulate my sister and future brother in law, and not long afterward my husband and brother joined us from their spot farther down the trail.

Rhett and Michelle, aka Rhechelle, are so excited to spend their lives together. They are not sure yet what a wedding might look like, but what matters is the marriage and commitment to each other.

My heart is overwhelmed. I am so happy for my sister, and am excited to gain a brother! Congratulations future Walkers!

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