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Glen and Gabby. The theme of this blog post will be how beautiful it is to be IN LOVE! I met with the happy couple in the winter to discuss possibilities for taking engagement pictures. The two told me the cutest story of how they met, a crush that blossomed into love, and a proposal that ended with the response, "Duh!" We dreamed up ideas and locations and special things to the couple to incorporate into our pictures. And then we decided to definitely wait until the weather was less bitterly cold and the holiday season had slowed down. We postponed once due to 35 mile an hour winds that would NOT have been acceptable for Gabby's beautiful long hair! The day that we did meet was absolutely perfect! Mild temperature, not too windy, and before the Arkansas mosquitoes wake up for the season. The perfect photoshoot destination for this couple was in downtown Fayetteville which has beautiful backdrops, and was a special place for first dates. We walked around the square to start our pictures, and I knew we were off to a good start when we all couldn't stop smiling! This couple was ready to have fun, and really just enjoyed being together. I gave some prompts, but mostly the two just looked at each other lovingly, gave some smooches, and cracked each other up, and I just tried to be quick and capture some sweet moments! At the downtown square we also incorporated some fun props that the couple brought from home--Nintendo Switches! This was such a great idea because the couple enjoys playing games together, and it was a small and easy item to pack for the day! I think the pictures turned out pretty cute, too! What happened next was critical to our day. Glen and Gabby gave a box of Crumbl cookies. This was not prompted (although I will now be dropping hints to any future photoshoot clients!) and I enjoyed every bite of those cookies. Such a thoughtful gesture, and really just another example of how sweet these two are!! Our next location included a wardrobe change, and let me tell you, Gabby was a knockout in this red dress!!! The lace looked so pretty on her fair skin, and the way the dress moved added some extra drama to the pictures. We shot at Lake Fayetteville at some more special locations to the couple. Unfortunately, the bench where the two sat and first said, "I love you," is temporarily gone due to construction. But the woods, grass, and water were all still very pretty! The sun started setting, some random bugs looked like magic sparkles, and there was even more giggling and sweet looks between the couple. Being around couples like this truly is refreshing! Marriage is so beautiful and such a gift. When two people are committed to each other and excited to share a life together, it is so wonderful, and most easy to capture on camera! I left the day with cheeks sore, and heart uplifted!

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