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The Kirklands

I grew up in Alabama with Morgan, and I can easily say that she is one of the most incredible people I know. I don't care if that statement sounds dramatic, because it is true. Morgan is my sister's age, and we all grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same church. This meant that we spent years of our lives laughing, swimming, traveling, worshipping, and growing together. Some of my highlights in our relationship happened in the youth group together....the inside jokes created on the canoe trip to Murder Creek will never be beaten! I also had the opportunity to come back as an intern while Morgan was still in the youth group. Here I really got to see her heart and her unique way of thinking as we studied books of the Bible together. I was technically the one leading the group, but I learned so much from this group of young women, and really loved Morgan's perspective. Morgan met her husband Alex in high school. They are the absolute classic "high school sweethearts" that everyone loves to root for. The two freshmen were in the same history class, and the first thing that Morgan noticed about her future husband was....his backpack. It wasn't just any backpack was an LL Bean backpack with initials embroidered for all other students to envy. If you know you know. Alex's initials spelled out AWK, with additional sharpied letters to make it a full AWKward. If you were a freshman girl in the late 2010's, you would have also noticed this backpack, I am certain. Morgan had an impressive group of girlfriends that have remained close to this day. They are connected in super beautiful ways and have spent the past several years celebrating each other in weddings! So when this group of girls were high school freshmen, they were all extremely polite, respectful, and witty.... which meant that they had a full obsession with silliness and inside jokes. The girls had so many jokes about "awkward" and would often use these "handshakes" as a greeting. Or just for any reason. Just to embrace being awkward. So Morgan and Alex saw each other (or at least each other's backpacks) in their freshman history class. Morgan thought Alex was the most respectful class clown and told all her girlfriends about him the next week. (If you knew Morgan, all of this makes complete sense!) She also overheard Alex telling his friends that Morgan had "the biggest eyes he'd ever seen." She took this as a compliment, as she should, with her large brown eyes being one of her favorite features of herself. (You will see in these pictures that her eyes indeed are large and absolutely beautiful!) Two years later, Alex asked Morgan to be his prom date. She was a stunner with her bright blue dress and sparkling eyes. He was sporting a matching blue tie, and reports say the two were cute, but you guessed it, awkward, and danced standing quite far apart from each other that night. Prom did begin the relationship though, with an official start of dating on May 3, 2012. May has been a very special month for these two, with an engagement date of May 8, 2017 and a wedding date of May 19, 2018.

On February 3, 2021 they welcomed their son Henry to the world. He has his dad's silly and fun-loving personality and his mom's big eyes, and is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen! He is adorable enough to be a model baby, and he also is very easy-going, showing that he has grown up in a very loving home. I got to interact with all three of them during our family photo session. They handled the bright sun, sand, and the need for gummy snacks very well and with all the love and patience. I loved seeing Henry laugh when his dad threw him high in the air, and snuggle close in to him mom. Alex and Morgan clearly were the most perfect match for each other, and their young love has only deepened with time. Now they pour that love out on each other and on their son. They remain excellent workers in their fields as well as incredibly supportive friends. This family is so special, and I am so thankful that I had the honor of capturing some sweet moments at a beautiful beach.

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