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Sunrise Engagement Photoshoot

Rhett and Michelle are ENGAGED!! Naturally, we have to celebrate their couple name, Rhechelle, and also, we have to take epic pictures!

To see more of this couple's story of meeting and falling in love, check out my other blog post, "The Best Proposal." Yes, I will continue following their journey, taking as many pictures of them as possible, and writing all the blog posts about them. A few reasons why.

1. Michelle is my younger/only sister and my best friend. I am so thankful to have someone who has lived so much life with me and understands me so well. It is a pretty amazing thing. We work together, and when patients ask if we are related I am so proud! I think we look a lot alike, but I also feel that our mannerisms have merged and we are now the most similar that we have ever been. In a conversation, we will respond the same say the exact same thing in the exact same pitch, intonation, everything. We laugh at the same things, and then look at each other like, "that was a little creepy that we are the same person, but also makes sense and we are kind of used to it."

Ok, I just babbled about my sister, as usual. To remind you, I am listing reasons why I love taking pictures of Rhechelle.

2. Rhett is the sweetest, and the way he looks at Michelle makes me so happy! Rhett is kind, thoughtful, dedicated, and very in love with his fiancée. I have loved getting to know him, and am so ready to welcome him into the family! There were a few times during our photoshoot that I had a hard time snapping the pictures because I was distracted by the way Rhett was looking at Michelle. You know the emojis with the heart eyes that I use in most of my texts and captions, and wish that I could express in my speech because I feel that it captures my feelings actually perfectly???? Ok, I feel like Rhett for real had HEART EYES when watching Michelle twirl around on the top of the mountain. It is so beautiful to see, and I hope that I captured it in these pictures.

3. This couple is up for ADVENTURE!

I have wanted to take pictures at sunrise since I got a camera. It looks so dreamy and romantic. And then there is the super practical aspect of summertime in Arkansas, and before the sun comes up is the only time to take pictures outside without having a heat stroke.

We planned out the morning by working backwards from sunrise, calculating the time it would take to drive to the park, hike to the top of the mountain, and change clothes. So we left at FOUR AM! Michelle came with her hair and make up looking flawless, and we loaded up in the truck for the start of our journey.

As we drove in the dark to the park I started thinking about any wildlife we might encounter on our hike. I then had the sudden realization that mountain lions live in the area and are NOCTURNAL MEAT EATERS. I started googling facts about the animal and learned all the ways that we could now easily be attacked and die on our way to the top of the mountain....maybe my mind works overdrive in the morning, but I was starting to get amped about our hike.

We had packed our headlamps and water, and Rhechelle had extra changes of clothes. We began our trek up the mountain.

I led the conversation with LOUD questions to declare our presence in the woods. Headlamps were swiveling in all directions, and we were all a little nervous, thanks to my speech in the car about possibly being eaten.

As soon as we made it to the lookout point, the stars were shining and the first light was peeking over the trees. It was so peaceful! Immediately all fear was gone and we enjoyed a quiet moment as the sun began rising to give us some light. Rhechelle both changed into some beautiful outfits, and we started our photoshoot!! We had practiced some of the "base poses" the night before so we could easily communicate due to the fact that we were now on the edge of a cliff at first light.

The couple made pure magic! I love these pictures!! They were troopers and made the whole experience so fun. I am so excited for their WEDDING which is now just DAYS AWAY!!

If you want EVEN MORE behind the scenes of this hike and photoshoot, Rhechelle are featured on our new YOUTUBE channel, "Brooke and Nate." Video is named "Sunrise Engagement Photoshoot:Behind the Scenes with Brooke and Nate" and I think you will love the beautiful scenery and Nate's commentary!

Thank you for reading and supporting my obsession with pictures of Rhechelle. Please enjoy these pictures!

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