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I have enjoyed challenging myself with different photography techniques, locations, and themes. Why? BECAUSE IT IS SO FUN!

I was searching for "colorful photoshoots" on Pinterest to create a mood board when I came across a picture of a girl holding a slinky.

That's all it took.

Immediately I knew I wanted to now have a slinky-themed photoshoot. I found small colorful pack at Dollar Tree with my sister-in-love Carly. We planned to have a photoshoot in the garage while we were visiting each other.

We spent HOOUUURRRSSS making a backdrop, finding outfits, and sweating to get the perfect shot. And it did not happen.

I have a video to prove it.

We were disappointed after so much time planning and working for it. BUT THEN we pivoted, changed outfits, changed locations, and I got some really beautiful pictures of Carly. (We have a lot of fun together, and I was just excited to get to spend time with her anyway, so I think it worked out.)


I think the process is important to share. I have seen so many gorgeous photoshoots with no narrative or behind the scenes look into the picture. I want to be very clear that it is hard work and it does not always turn out perfectly. And this is ok! Carly was such a good sport, and was so willing to scratch everything last minute. It's so wonderful to have such supportive people in my life!


A few weeks later I asked my sweet friend Anna if she wanted to have a Slinky-themed photoshoot before our workout and chilling by the pool. She was IN and also had the best attitude! She came ready for some fierce makeup, and rocked the swimsuit/leather skirt combination perfectly!

We set up a backdrop made from bedsheets in the garage. This lighting was ideal for diffused sunlight on our faces. I tried not to think of what all the people were thinking as they drove past us though!

I took some pictures of Anna, she took some of me, and we set the tripod up for some pictures together, too. I am always amazed at how natural Anna is in front of the camera! She came up with some of the creative poses, and we just had a fun day together! We tried to challenge ourselves with poses we would never normally do. We also tried to hold the slinkies in every direction possible for different angles and colors to reflect the best. I feel that I have had a successful photoshoot if I try a new pose I have never done before, get a close up of the eyes, and feel embarrassed in some way....those end up being my favorite moments ever!

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