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She Said YES!

Drew and Allie are absolutely made for each other.

Drew contacted me about photographing their proposal at Crystal Bridges Art Museum, and I was immediately so excited and so nervous for this opportunity! I have known Allie for several years now, as she is one of my sister's friends from college, and she is just a gem! We shared an epic Taylor Swift adventure weekend, too, so obviously this girl is special to me. But y'all... a proposal is a big. deal. Allie and Drew truly value marriage and commitment, and are only planning on having ONE epic proposal in their lives. Only ONE time to design a gorgeous ring. Only ONE time to get down on one knee and ask your girlfriend to be your wife. Only ONE time to say YES to your man. Only ONE chance to capture this moment and not miss a second!!

So, the pressure was on, but the excitement far outweighed it.

Drew had everything planned. Every last detail. He was so thoughtful with choosing the location and time and even Allie's outfit! I arrived to the museum and enjoyed walking through and looking at some incredible (and some confusing) art pieces. I wore a hat hoping that it would help disguise me since I did not want Allie to see me and maybe throw off the surprise. As time got closer, I waited in hiding for the couple to arrive to the modern art section. Drew secretly texted that they had reached the glass hallway, so I got in position by a giant structure of intestines made up of the alphabet. (Like I said, some art is confusing. But, it can also offer the perfect hiding place!)

Drew set up his phone for a self timer picture as something that they regularly do to remember a fun date. This was perfect for getting Allie into the most dreamy location, with natural light flooding her from the glass wall. Also perfect for giving me the signal that it was about to happen!!

My hands were shaking, my heart was beating, but I was ready. The moment arrived. Drew got down on one knee, pulled out a ring, and asked the love of his life if she would marry him. She was surprised that the moment had just happened (she didn't think he even had a ring!) but she was filled with joy and definitely said yes to her man!! The most beautiful scene played out with the two experiencing all the emotions that you have when you get to ask, and say yes, to the one person that you love more than anything. It was honestly the sweetest thing to get to capture and a wonderful honor as a friend and photographer. Looking back at the images later I definitely cried. Love is beautiful, and these two are the real deal!

Allie had to ask Drew who the creepy person was taking pictures of their private moment. I revealed myself, and Allie was so sweet, and I finally got to meet Drew in person!! The happy couple was beaming, and we had fun for a few minutes of some sweet pictures of the two of them and showing off the new bling!

To say I am obsessed with Allie and Drew is an understatement. Their love is inspiring and their joy is contagious! I am so happy I got to witness their ONE proposal and the start of their journey to a beautiful marriage! The two met each other at a wedding, so their journey started with love! It has continued with a lot of laughter and adventure. I really wish I could be more like them, because I think they are so fun loving and brave! They have lived apart and have dated long distance for their whole relationship, so their dates together have been pretty epic and memorable. They have crashed weddings, dressed in yellow and blue and walked around IKEA, looking like employees and confusing customers in the shopping wonderland. These two love to have fun together and bring out each other's silly and adventurous sides.

Drew is working as a TOY DESIGNER! Is that not the best job ever?! You might have seen a playset he designed in Sam's Club! Allie is interning at a nonprofit organization that distributes produce and also provides education about nutrition. This is part of her schooling for a masters in public health with a focus on nutrition. Obviously these two are very smart and doing some incredible things through their job and school!

Drew was so thoughtful with the planning of this proposal. Allie's sister and future brother in law and several of her college girlfriends live in Northwest Arkansas, so he knew it would be special for them to all be together to celebrate afterward. He had the ring shipped to Arkansas, and it arrived only HOURS before he got down on one knee! (Don't worry, it's in perfect condition and super sparkly and beautiful!) The couple has visited each other in Arkansas before and have had a date to Crystal Bridges before. Drew even has the cutest picture picture of Allie in the exact proposal spot!

Send a congratulations to this happy couple, and be on the lookout for their Midwest wedding next spring! The world is a better place with Drew and Allie in it, and I am so excited to see the impact they have on it together as husband and wife!

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