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Robersons are Expecting!

To say that I am honored to have taken these pictures is a huge understatement!!

I have known Lindsay for about a year now, and we have gotten to spend a lot of time together. We have shared more laughs than I can count, and I always look forward to the fun and real conversations that we easily share.

Lindsay is a strong woman, and I admire her passion and dedication to everything that she does. She inspires me with her discipline with her work and training routines and makes me want to be better! Also, her sense of style is amazing! Every single day that I've ever seen her I have complimented her outfit. This is a true statement. When we were discussing what she should wear for her photoshoot I knew that she was going to be my model for all time of what to wear at a shoot!

Lindsay and Scott met each other in college at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin. Scott was a baseball player and Lindsay was a soccer player. They dated for five years before getting married, and just celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary on October 27th! Their friendship and love for each other is so sweet, and is evident in their pictures together.

The Robersons now live in Northwest Arkansas where they both work and live with their two dogs, Ace and Bunzy. The couple love walking their dogs together and trying new restaurants around town.

This sweet family will be growing as a BABY will arrive in May of 2020!! I could not be more excited for this news! I have been able to hear firsthand Lindsay's story of wanting to be a mother, and am just so thrilled that she will get to bless a little one so soon. This baby is going to be the perfect mix of these wonderful parents. Lindsay says that she hopes their baby has the patience of Scott, and Scott hopes the baby is as good looking as Lindsay! (Honestly, she is so gorgeous, this baby has a good shot of being a model!) Scott also would love for his baby to grow up having the generosity of his sweet wife. The way Scott looks at his bride is heart-melting!

I can hardly stand these two! They are so in love, and are so excited for the next chapter of their story. As we spent time together, I loved seeing their ease with each other and how it showed up so stunningly on the back of the camera! As I went through all my pictures later, I had a huge grin on my face watching all of their interactions and giggles. And honestly, as I looked at all the pictures of them announcing a new baby, I could not help but cry. I am incredibly honored to take these pictures and to be invited into such a special moment and thrilling announcement! I am so grateful to have an opportunity to know and love these friends and for them to trust me with capturing this moment!

Congratulations to Scott and Lindsay! Already counting down until I get to meet the newest addition to this family!

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