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Heffron Baby Announcement at Lake Fayetteville

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

My friendship with the Heffrons officially started last year at a last minute Halloween party at our house! We threw together some spooky punch, decorations, and costumes and hosted a fun and random group of friends. Matt and Paige were troopers as they met new people and played a werewolf game. The night was filled with a lot of laughs, and our friendship began!

Since Halloween, I have been so blessed to be in a community group with this couple where we have grown and shared life together. At this group we mostly hang out and eat delicious food. The guys in the group are hilarious and always have me laughing. The women are so strong and are my role models for living out each day faithfully. During our time together we also share prayer requests and anything going on in the week until we meet again. Over the past few months we had been praying for a new addition to the Heffron family. So it was the best announcement ever when Paige shared at our community group that they were expecting a baby!!

Matt and Paige are already so excited and in love with their "little nugget," and I know that they are going to be the coolest parents to a very lucky kid.

I was so honored with the opportunity to take some pictures for these friends so they could officially announce their news, complete with a recent ultrasound picture! I cannot get over how amazing they is clear that they are in love and so happy during this season. And Paige was giving me some supermodel looks during the shoot for sure, hunny! My friend is so gorgeous!! Jake, the handsome golden retriever, did a great job during the photoshoot as well and deserves a shout out! He had practiced the week before with having the letterboard next to his feet and did his job perfectly! He had some hilarious facial expressions, so I had to add a lot of the pictures staring him, even though the pose didn't change.

I know that every couple has a different story when it comes to starting their family. Every journey deserves recognition and support. During this season, Matt and Paige and their growing baby are being covered in prayer because this season can be full of fear and unknowns. I believe that God will provide peace for my sweet friends, as well as anyone else asking for help during their own season. I am honored to walk beside friends during every journey, and I know that our community group will be so excited to welcome another tiny member to the group in a few months!

Show this sweet family some love during this super exciting time by clicking the heart or sharing a message! (Let me know if you find Paige's supermodel hair flip!)

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1 Comment

So exciting!!!! These pictures are beautiful. You captured the LOVE!!! Congrats to Matt and Paige and Jake!!!!

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