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Family Photoshoot at Tanyard Creek

This family is the sweetest, and their fun attitudes and loving looks were the BEST to capture on camera! We met at Tanyard Creek, where Caleb and Lindsey have taken their dogs several times to play in the water on hot summer days. For our session together we arrived at the perfect time to catch some beautiful fall foliage! Which is really a feat in Arkansas as the seasons are in no way predictable! We had some incredible colors and dreamy light for our afternoon together!

Caleb and Lindsey met each other on a dating app, fell in love, and got married in May of 2018. They each brought their own dog into the family as well, so they are now a family of four!

During our photoshoot, Roscoe let us know that he was unhappy that Caleb and Lindsey were standing so close to each other without him right there! The love between a dog and their person is such a beautiful thing to see! I think that dogs know when they have been adopted, too, and have an extra level of love and commitment for the person that welcomed them into their home. Caleb and Roscoe are the perfect pair, and had so many sweet moments together during our shoot.

Lindsey got Meg when she was a tiny puppy at 9 weeks old from a neighbor who raised Yorkies. Lindsey and Meg have been through moves and life changes over the past 14 years. Meg has accepted Caleb into the family, but definitely has a connection with and sweet spot for her mom. Meg has been told by several admirers that she is the best dog in the world! She certainly is charming and knows how to work the camera!

Caleb and Lindsey absolutely love to spend time with these special four legged friends. They also really enjoy traveling, reading, searching for old vinyls and books, and cooking together in the kitchen. This couple is adventurous, talented, caring, and so fun to be around. I got to see Lindsey design and present at a successful conference for all Physician Assistants in Arkansas. She is so driven and executed everything perfectly, and also shared her heart and passion for her career and all the people she treats. All of her patients and coworkers (including my husband!) are so blessed to have her fighting for them and encouraging them. Caleb is the perfect companion for her, and they compliment each other perfectly. Lindsey is so in love with her husband who she describes as smart, funny, loving, steadfast, and calming.....these two just make my heart melt!

The Wilsons will get to enjoy their love for travel this year with several trips including visiting friends in Oregon and Virginia! They also have just bought a house and are anticipating spending the year making their house their own. These two have great style, so I am looking forward to seeing their new home!

Lindsey and Caleb showed off their style with perfectly complimenting outfits for this shoot. This gorgeous crimson hat was the best addition and tied all the fall colors together so well. Lindsey (and Caleb!) looked so beautiful in the hat, and I am obsessed with the confidence and style that a small accessory can provide.

This photoshoot was a great time for all four to get dressed up and take a picture to send out as a Christmas card to loved ones. It was also a fun afternoon to just spend time together! This was such a wonderful experience for me to see pure love between a husband and wife and between a pet and their person. These bonds are so special, and I love celebrating them!

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