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Family in Tuscaloosa

This girl is really special to me! I have known her for as long as I can remember. Seriously, I don't have a memory of meeting her....she has just always been there! Britney is the same age as my sister, Michelle, and they grew up looking like twins and going everywhere together. When we were all in the church youth group we were always loud and giggly and hilarious.

Britney is now a strong woman of God that I respect and admire a lot. She is confident and a loyal friend with the greatest sense of humor. She has been on several adventures and is not planning on stopping any time soon! She spent a year and a half living in Mexico and was very busy with several leadership roles! She was involved with an after school program, a women's shelter, and a school for children and adults with special needs, which was her favorite role! I wish I had been able to see her busy at work in these environments, because I have no doubt she crushed it and brought in so much love and light to everyone she worked with.

Britney loves adventures and needed an adventure companion! Cali is Britney's first fur baby. She was born in May 2015 in Baja, California, which is Britney's favorite place in the world. Naturally, the name Cali was the best fit for this sweet cuddly dog. Cali could be described as a "grandma" as she would love to sit with her people or take a nap. She has no need for toys and just wants to share some love. Cali has beautiful gray and white coloring and has her own hashtag, #calicalismallfry to keep up with all of her adventures....or naps.

Nova is Britney's second fur baby, and also happens to be Cali's niece! She came to live with Britney and Cali in August of 2016 for Cali to have her own adventure companion. Nova is sweet and loves her family, but has the exact opposite personality of her aunt! Nova loves to play and chase toys and has tons of energy! She is very loyal and the sweetest playing with kids. She is black and white, a very fast runner, and can be followed with her own hashtag, #livinglavidanova.

Britney is currently on staff at a church in Tuscaloosa, where we all grew up. This woman is a world-changer, and everyone who works with her is lucky to have her experience and passion on their team.

I am always so excited and inspired by people who love to travel and just go for it! Sometimes dreaming can get in the way of actually making something happen. Britney already has two upcoming trips planned to visit friends in Knoxville, TN and Orange County, CA. My sister and I are also trying to convince her to come see us in NWA as soon as possible!

Taking these pictures was such a blessing to me. First of all, I just love photographing people. I love capturing the smiles and the looks and the snuggles. Second, I felt so refreshed after being around such a solid constant friend and being reminded of all of our memories from growing up. During the shoot we all had a moment of happy tears after seeing a gorgeous picture of Britney on the back of the camera.

I will never tire of bringing joy and confidence to people by showing them how the rest of the world can see their light. Sharing that moment with life-long friends is just the most special thing. I'm so thankful that something as simple as photography brought us all together for the most treasured day.

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