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Decades of Love

My parents live 9 hours away from me now, so time with them is very special. Thankfully, technology allows us to stay in touch fairly easily. I just called my dad as we were both driving home from work to ask his opinion on one of the patients I'm working with currently. I can share videos of everything with my mom through an app called Marco Polo. I got some "snail mail" recently from them for my birthday. All these forms of communication are wonderful in staying a part of each other's lives. BUT there is nothing like actually spending some good time together in the same place!

All four kids are living in NWA for the summer, so our parents came to visit a few weeks ago. They got to see our new house that we moved into at the beginning of the summer!! We ate some good food, swam in the pool, and introduced them to some of our friends. We enjoyed the time together for sure, and are looking forward to the next visit!

I was able to do something really special with my parents while they were in town, the honor of taking them on a photoshoot. After a day in the sun they got all dressed up, and I gathered a small bouquet of flowers from my garden. We then drove down the road to beautiful Lake Springdale. It was definitely hot, but we got there for Golden Hour, so the light was dreamy. I helped Mom and Dad pose, and then they created the magic!

These two have been married for 34 years. They met in college at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, and got married after they graduated. They have been through moves, raising children, changing jobs, losing loved ones... all while side by side. I think that is something to be celebrated!! Marriage is a beautiful thing, and choosing to stay married every day is something that the world needs to see!

So, I helped Mom and Dad with the logistics, and then just tried to capture all the fun, sweet, and silly moments that happened between them! They were laughing the whole time and being too adorable together. It was such a fun thing for me to see. ALSO super special, because they have not had a photoshoot together since their wedding day!

I know that it can be intimidating to stand in front of a camera. It's hard to see a giant lens staring at you, without knowing what you look like. Therefore, it is my primary goal to make everyone feel comfortable and to encourage fun during a photoshoot. Also, I think it is a good thing to take pictures throughout the years, even if there isn't a huge milestone or occasion (even though I think every year of marriage should definitely be celebrated!). I was so happy to take these pictures of my parents, and had a ton of fun looking back through them and putting them all together. I think my parents look INCREDIBLE and had the excitement of two young sweethearts in love!

My parents are celebrating their 34th anniversary TODAY in Chicago! Looking forward to more memories and more photos to remember all the times with these two!

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GORGEOUS!!!!!! Love yall!!!!

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