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Carly's Masters Graduation!

Carly is my husband's younger sister. She is my sister-in-law, but I prefer a different phrase of sister-in-love. Truly, I love this sister like crazy. It is so fun to gain more family members! When people first meet us, they assume that Carly is my sister instead of Nathan's. I take this as a huge compliment and think it is so fun!!

Carly graduated in May with her Masters in Reading with a dyslexia endorsement after finishing her four years of undergraduate work. She completed both degrees at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. Unfortunately, her graduation from undergrad was complicated due to the pandemic, so her Masters graduation was even more fun and special!

She mentions actually enjoying all of her own classes with special relationships with several of her professors. One of those was her Dad! He was able to be a part of her graduation ceremony. They both looked dashing in all of their regalia.

Carly had to teach me what her Masters degree really is, and it's actually so cool! She will teach reading in the classroom, hopefully for young elementary level students. This degree would also allow her to become a reading specialist that would work with individual children with learning disabilities and implement reading curricula for a school. She also loves that this continued study will allow her to teach with more passion and proficiency. Every classroom she teaches will absolutely be blessed by having her as a teacher!

Carly gave me one of her reading assessment tests a few weeks ago when she came to visit. We both share an absolute obsession with reading and language, so this was pretty fun. Maybe we are nerds? But I also loved getting to experience Carly doing her job and see what she has been studying for years now!

As with every successful college student, Carly has a lot of amazing friends, and has enjoyed spending time with them through the years. She claims to have the best friends in the world! She is traveling the world with them, too, and enjoying a beautiful graduation trip to Hawaii!

Carly's love of travel blossomed during her semester studying abroad in Florence, Italy at the HUF program (Harding University Florence.) She loved having free days to explore the city of Florence with friends. Highlights of the semester included her time in Positano on the Amalfi Coast (it is definitely as glamorous and beautiful as it sounds) and hiking and swimming in a national park in southern France. Clearly, this girl loves adventure and seeks beauty wherever she goes!

Carly is part of a unique group of students that completed a degree during a pandemic. This came with some stress for sure, but Carly actually got to spend some good time alone and creating during this time! She is a very talented musician and singer! (I am biased, I know, but it is so true. She sang at our wedding, and I absolutely love her voice.) With time forced to be at home, Carly wrote songs, played guitar, and began painting. She is a natural at painting, and I can't wait to have one of her custom pieces in my office!

Carly's "dream job" is actually having several dream jobs at once. Clearly, she is on track to be an amazing teacher, so one job would be teaching in a school. She would also be a singer/songwriter. And while she's at it, she will just go ahead and author books as well! If anyone can do it, it's Carly! One of the most talented people I know!

Seeing Carly graduate and getting to celebrate her was so much fun! She deserves all of the happiness and excitement of finishing two degrees after so much hard work. The two of us have had some really fun photoshoots together over the past couple years. Honestly, the camera can't get enough of her-- she's so gorgeous. We enjoyed a mini photoshoot on the front lawn of campus on her graduation weekend. She radiates beauty and love, and I am so happy that we have been able to spend time together and bond over something so simple as taking pictures. It brings me so much joy personally, and now I have several fun pictures to remember Carly in this season of her life!

I am hoping to live close to Carly as she begins her career(s) and am so excited to keep watching her grow. I am so honored and proud to have Carly as a sister!

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